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Police use force in attempts to break up Occupy protestors

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Nov. 16th, 2011 | 01:45 pm
posted by: daily_globe in mdc_multimedia

GOTHAM - There was panic in the streets Wednesday as armed Gotham PD officials arrived along with tactical forces in an attempt to break up the protestors standing outside the Luthor 1st National Bank. The protesters; a branch of the Occupy Wallstreet movement calling itself Occupy Gotham; have been camped out across the street from the building for weeks now holding up signs and calling out chants. Whenever possible, they've also been giving pamphlets to people entering the Bank describing just a few of the allegedly underhanded tactics employed by the bank to foreclose on homeowners and give themselves more money with no tax payment or loan contracts. The Bank CEO Lex Luthor refused to comment, but a PR representative told the Globe that this was an attack on their business and so the authorities had to be called.

The protesters have claimed that the swift and aggressive intervention by officers is "Just another example of how corrupt the Gotham Police Department has become" And have challenged Police Commissioner James Gordon Sr. to "prove to them that he isn't just another corrupt official" by calling off the raid and allowing Occupy Gotham to exercise their First Amendment Rights. Commissioner Gordon has said that he is doing everything he can, but there is only so much he can do within the system to help keep things balanced between the needs of the protesters and the rights of the business to continue operation unmolested.

While some had to be taken to the hospital after the launching of tear gas canisters, many simply fled into side streets and alleyways. Since then they have returned and their numbers have nearly doubled. Added to this are the increasing reports of Gotham citizens closing out their Luthor accounts in record numbers. When asked many of them claimed they were going to reinvest their money into local banks and credit unions. One residents told the Globe that "They [the 1%] still have a lot of money. But now at least they don't have my money."

And the national numbers are showing that many people feel the same way. Since the Occupy and Move our Money campaigns started the "Too Big to Fail" banks, including Luthor 1st National, have lost more than 50 million dollars as more and more people move to local banks.

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