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Psychic contact: Caitlin connects with Barbara

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Dec. 27th, 2011 | 02:14 pm
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posted by: towering_cait in mdc_multimedia

[She sets down in a polished, high-tech looking seat surrounded by machinery and controls. Without anything more than a nod the silver helm lifts itself into the air, setting down upon the woman's head as she works the terminal with her delicate fingers. Soon the helm is emitting a soft blue glow and Caitlin leans back into the chair, letting her consiouness spread outward as she searched for the next person to be healed. Some souls seemed to be more resistant than others, but they would all be healed in time. Soon enough she focused in on a person who had formed an opening without their knowledge. Her mind touched the mind of this person and for the red headed woman on the other end of the connection is was as though time stood still]

Ah here you are. You've been disconnected for far too long Ma'am and now you shall be healed. You don't realize it but the connections you've formed in this new world have lead me to the other half of your soul. And now you'll be reunited!

[Barbara looks at the woman with confusion but at the same time feels an imense power eminating. Part of the power draws her attention in a special way. It's a machine. The woman is using a machine to augment her own abilities in a special way. Because the techno virus has been stirring in Barbara's body she feels compelled to attempt to make contact with it but she does not get the chance to act on this as they are joined by a third presance and as though attracted by a black hole or a powerful magnet Barbara feels herself being pulled toward this new entity. Wide eyed she looks back at Caitlin one more time, only to see that she is motioning with her hands. She is the one who is drawing them together. And there is nothing that Barbara can do about it.]

[Caitlin removes her helm with a sigh of satisfaction]

Ah, it feels so nice to do good works for the Doctor!

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