To: Cindy Centrillion <> From: Oracle <■■■■■■■■■■■■■■>

File Attachements: [There are an assortment of images, old photographs and newspaper clippings depictng Cindy in various centuries]

Before anything else. I want you to know that this is not a blackmail or coersion letter. I am simply putting all the facts on the table. You are clearly much older than you wish anyone to know. And I have a suspicion that I know the nature of how this occured. If I'm right, you either are, or have access to magic of some sort.

And because of this it behooves me to ask for your assistance in a most serious matter relating to the recent video feed sent out by one Caitlin Zuel Grey.

If you wouldn't mind. Please hit the reply button on your email. Do not type anything. Just send the empty reply and I will contact you again so that we can discuss more details.

~ O
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Psychic contact: Caitlin connects with Barbara

[She sets down in a polished, high-tech looking seat surrounded by machinery and controls. Without anything more than a nod the silver helm lifts itself into the air, setting down upon the woman's head as she works the terminal with her delicate fingers. Soon the helm is emitting a soft blue glow and Caitlin leans back into the chair, letting her consiouness spread outward as she searched for the next person to be healed. Some souls seemed to be more resistant than others, but they would all be healed in time. Soon enough she focused in on a person who had formed an opening without their knowledge. Her mind touched the mind of this person and for the red headed woman on the other end of the connection is was as though time stood still]

Ah here you are. You've been disconnected for far too long Ma'am and now you shall be healed. You don't realize it but the connections you've formed in this new world have lead me to the other half of your soul. And now you'll be reunited!

[Barbara looks at the woman with confusion but at the same time feels an imense power eminating. Part of the power draws her attention in a special way. It's a machine. The woman is using a machine to augment her own abilities in a special way. Because the techno virus has been stirring in Barbara's body she feels compelled to attempt to make contact with it but she does not get the chance to act on this as they are joined by a third presance and as though attracted by a black hole or a powerful magnet Barbara feels herself being pulled toward this new entity. Wide eyed she looks back at Caitlin one more time, only to see that she is motioning with her hands. She is the one who is drawing them together. And there is nothing that Barbara can do about it.]

[Caitlin removes her helm with a sigh of satisfaction]

Ah, it feels so nice to do good works for the Doctor!
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Psychic projection (Cait and Showman)

[Mister Showman had all the candles lit and he sat crosslegged in the centre of the circle they made. He closed his eyes and focused on nothing. He willed his consciousness out into the aether. He followed the energy from a million crackling television screens to one tiny source. A young lady.]

[He stood before Cait, or did he?]

Alright, you got my attention.

[He spoke like he was standing in front of her but his voice echoed faintly in her mind.]

I'm listening.
Tony - Just had a thought

Video to Melina Irons

Did you see this?

[The video pops up under Tony's face.]

I'm a little busy at the moment, but do me a favor and get a head start by looking up any info you can on a hot red head named Caitlin. I doubt you'll find anything on an "Iron Lantern", so don't even bother.

Oh yeah, hi. I'm back.

[Little wave.]

Outgoing Video. Recipients: Everyone

[All broadcasting networks are suddenly overtaken by the image of a gorgeous redhead. She's smiling a bit "stepford" like at the camera and gives a little wave]

Hellooo Everyone! I've been dying to meet you all! My name is Caitlin and I'm here to let you know that we're almost finished with our preparations! [she says a little too cheerfully] Soon, you'll all become whole again! Even you Dark Claw and Iron Lantern! I know you've been hiding from me but you shouldn't be so shy. You'll be much happier once you're all complete. I know I am!

Well, that's all for my message. I look forward to seeing you all whole again! Toodle-ooh! [The chipper young woman signs off with a flippy little wave of goodbye and the TV's all return to their normal programming]
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Police use force in attempts to break up Occupy protestors

GOTHAM - There was panic in the streets Wednesday as armed Gotham PD officials arrived along with tactical forces in an attempt to break up the protestors standing outside the Luthor 1st National Bank. The protesters; a branch of the Occupy Wallstreet movement calling itself Occupy Gotham; have been camped out across the street from the building for weeks now holding up signs and calling out chants. Whenever possible, they've also been giving pamphlets to people entering the Bank describing just a few of the allegedly underhanded tactics employed by the bank to foreclose on homeowners and give themselves more money with no tax payment or loan contracts. The Bank CEO Lex Luthor refused to comment, but a PR representative told the Globe that this was an attack on their business and so the authorities had to be called.

The protesters have claimed that the swift and aggressive intervention by officers is "Just another example of how corrupt the Gotham Police Department has become" And have challenged Police Commissioner James Gordon Sr. to "prove to them that he isn't just another corrupt official" by calling off the raid and allowing Occupy Gotham to exercise their First Amendment Rights. Commissioner Gordon has said that he is doing everything he can, but there is only so much he can do within the system to help keep things balanced between the needs of the protesters and the rights of the business to continue operation unmolested.

While some had to be taken to the hospital after the launching of tear gas canisters, many simply fled into side streets and alleyways. Since then they have returned and their numbers have nearly doubled. Added to this are the increasing reports of Gotham citizens closing out their Luthor accounts in record numbers. When asked many of them claimed they were going to reinvest their money into local banks and credit unions. One residents told the Globe that "They [the 1%] still have a lot of money. But now at least they don't have my money."

And the national numbers are showing that many people feel the same way. Since the Occupy and Move our Money campaigns started the "Too Big to Fail" banks, including Luthor 1st National, have lost more than 50 million dollars as more and more people move to local banks.

Phone call: Cinderella and Oracle

Cindy had found the business card in her purse when she was packing to head back to Gotham. The hologram was amusing. Very 1990's. A chill of paranoia ran up her spine. She knew that she would remember who had given it to her if she had put it there-- especially in consideration to who's business card it was. Upon examination of the back, the fear subsided.

For your computer troubles -- Cir El

A corner of her lips lifted. Cindy found Cir El's writing more sophisticated than she thought it would be. The impression left on the paper indicated that the writer was indeed as sharp and quick as the pen was over the sword

It wasn't until she had landed in Gotham and checked into her safe house that she got the card out once more. She flicked it back and forth in the light, reading the number that shimmered to the surface a number of times before she resolved to finally punch the numbers into the prepaid cell phone and see if the man or woman "behind the curtain" would pick up on the other end.