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Welcome to MDC Multimedia. Multimedia keeps the people of MDC connected with each other. Emails, Phone calls, news articles, event notices and radio shows, all of this is the designated domain of MDC Multimedia. Because there are so many different forms of communication, clarity is important. Make sure that the subject title of your message reflects the method of communication you'll be using, as well as the person(s) the communication is intended for (plural used in the case of groups such as the teen titans all communicating on one frequency). For example:

Supject: Voicemail: Aqua-Mariner

Hey, this is Caitlin calling to invite you to a special meeting.

From there the recipient can comment back on the thread and answer the call/email/whatever. Because you're contacting via media, we have to assume this means you are not in fact meeting in person. And it's a good thing too, as that sort of thing is best done here:

Now, if you don't have a character to make a communication with, then obviously you are in the wrong place entirely, and you should kindly redirect yourself here:

In order to aquire one. After which point you may return here and Call, email, write or text whomever you're trying to connect with!

Ah, one last thing. This is for communicating. But unless you wish to publish a professional blog, it's not for private journal entries. So those would be better suited to your personal journal.

Thank you, and please enjoy your stay.

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